TDS AI Lab serves businesses in all major sectors, providing exceptional software solutions for large corporations, mid-sized enterprises, and startups.


Insight engines

We have built a scalable platform with limitless potential that can expand across use cases and user types by merging a collection of analytical capabilities into a single whole. With the Platform, you can empower insight hunters throughout your organization to find the information they require to propel your company forward.

Visual Search Engines

We created a customizable visual search engine capable of processing millions of visual documents. It can be fine-tuned for a specific use case. You can get a deep understanding of how your customers communicate visually about your brand, or you can use it internally to facilitate the search in complex documents.

Trend discovery tool

We invented and implemented a proprietary technology for consumer trend discovery based on mathematical notion of momentum. We analyze millions of unstructured data points from three data sources: news, social media, search queries. With the trends discovery tool you can overtake your competitors.



Natural Language Processing

Through AI-driven NLP modeling, we deliver cutting-edge solutions in interpreting human languages and behavior.

We work with unstructured information for more intelligent NLP algorithms, delivering sentiment, emotion, semantic, syntax, and context analysis, as well as statement processing, at scale.


Image Recognition

Our solutions help companies get the most out of their visual data. We offer a full suite of image recognition services that transform images into actionable data insights that boost competitive advantage.


AI for financial modeling

We take advantage from the Natural Language Processing and Semantic Data Analysis to take the financial modeling to the next level. We work with signals and uncertain information to improve Credit Scoring and risk assessment models.

Case Studies

About Us

Each business problem asks for a specific method within Artificial Intelligence. We love to work on it!

Solving business problems using Artificial Intelligence is a fantastic challenge. But just to have a solution is not enough. You also need to be able to deploy it to production giving users a very smooth and clear way to use it. That’s what we do.

We cover all required skills needed to create successful production apps and platforms:

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • DevOps
  • MLOps

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Let’s work together on your own AI project

We listen to your ideas and create custom software solutions from the ground up, designed especially for your business.


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Let's work together on your own AI project!

We listen to your ideas and create custom software solutions from the ground up, designed especially for your business.

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